Our Team

Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis is widely regarded as one of the top five best wedding/portrait photographers and educators in the world. Based in Las Vegas, USA and Melbourne, Australia, Jerry is a USA Nikon Ambassador and has won more awards than any other photographer at WPPI where he became the first Grand Master. As a photographer, educator, inventor and philanthropist, his experience traveling the world and perspective on the industry makes him an invaluable source of knowledge, experience and wisdom. His influence in the art of wedding and portrait photography as well as the business of photography can be seen everywhere in the industry today.

Melissa Ghionis

Melissa Ghionis has developed a reputation for her skills in creating and cultivating relationships and for her excellent customer service. A reputation she earned after 20 years of experience in the photography industry. After running a successful, award-winning studio in Boston, MA for over a decade she is now working in a high-end studio in Melbourne, Australia and in the United States with Jerry. Melissa’s most recent passion is the creation of her non-profit charitable organization named The Soul Society (www.thesoulsociety.org), a charity she co-founded together with Jerry. The Soul Society was created with the specific purpose of caring for poor, homeless and orphaned children in third world countries, one soul at a time.

Jason Neistadt

Jason Neistadt is the newest addition to the Ghionis team. As a professional entertainer who has traveled the world and headlined the Las Vegas Strip to sold out crowds, he has always had a passion for photography and cinematography. On the side, while performing at night, Jason started a small photo/video company in his Las Vegas bedroom, that grew to a full event company in a 20,000 square foot studio space, providing photo, video, DJ, lighting and decor to 300 events per year. Jason eventually missed the stage and went back on the road to travel the world and perform over 250 days a year.Now, with the turn of events in the world and a new exciting marriage and stability, Jason seized the opportunity to make a home base with Jerry and Melissa and has recently decided make it a full time venture and amazing partnership. Jason now heads up all of the new video production and some new exciting projects to come, as well as travels the world with Jerry creating educational and fun videos and sometimes makes guest appearances in them.